Never too late: Stop worrying about when you’re included and start doing the work


We’ve all heard the classic tale of The Writer Who Wasn’t Included Early Enough.

In this talk, we’ll flip the script a bit, and instead challenge UX writers, content designers, and content strategists to shift their focus from when they’re being included to what they can do once they are included—whenever that is. By doing so, we can foster better collaborations, do more satisfying work, prove our impact, and protect our sanity.

This session will help you learn how to:

  • Set expectations about the writer’s role in the team.
  • Shift the writer’s mindset to be more optimistic about whatever lands on their plate.
  • Do the work regardless of what stage it is in the project.
  • Win the hearts and minds of your collaborators by having a positive impact on every project you work on.

Who will benefit most: This talk will help content and UX writing folks set expectations and win over stakeholders. It will also help designers and project managers understand what is reasonable to expect, and how writing can make a significant impact at every stage.

Greta van der MerweGreta van der Merwe

Senior UX Writer, Talabat