Workshops that work: Designing team training that aligns, informs, and persuades

Intensive workshop
Monday, May 18, 2020
1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
Greenway A

You’re asked to give a workshop to an internal team. Now what do you do? Can you cram everything you know about content into one or two hours of instruction and exercises for a small group? Definitely not. But you might be able to help people get a little bit better at facing the blank page, a little more confident editing or managing their own work, and a lot less likely to suck up all your available time, keeping you from doing truly high value work.

Every workshop you run should have at least one ulterior motive baked in. We’ll cover how to design workshops that help the participants, yes, but more importantly you, by subtly steering your group in the direction you want them to go. Would you like people to use the style guide more? Edit their own work using automated tools? Gain confidence in getting the first draft down on paper and then cleaning it up? Know when and how to do it themselves, and when they should ask you for help?

We’ll cover several different goals a content workshop might be designed to achieve, both for the participants and the hardworking person running the show. We’ll also explore a few different types of workshops to add to your portfolio that will help you solve for some persistent and pressing content needs.

Designing a workshop is like designing any type of content. So we’ll cover:

Discovery: How to figure out what the group needs from your workshop, and what you might want to achieve, too.

Design: What to include in your workshop, and what to leave out.

Delivery: How to engage your audience from the start, get them to show up, be present, actively participate, and take the action afterwards that you want them to take.

Who should attend: This workshop is for anyone who needs to scale their work across one or more internal teams, educate stakeholders on the kind of work that they do, and change the way people work with them and their team. You’ll also enjoy this workshop if you want to gain confidence in leading small group workshops, or if you’re just looking for fresh frameworks to build new workshops around.

Workshops that work: Designing team training that aligns, informs, and persuadesBeth Dunn

UX Operations Lead, HubSpot

Workshops that work: Designing team training that aligns, informs, and persuades

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