User-centered SEO: Designing findable content

Intensive workshop
Monday, May 18, 2020
9 a.m–noon
Greenway D

Modern SEO isn’t just some magic you sprinkle on finished web copy right before hitting publish. (There’s a lot more to it than keywords, folks.) Critical search elements—like satisfying search intent, information architecture, internal-linking structures, content hierarchy, and structured data—are built into design decisions. After clashing on projects and stepping on each others’ toes, Chris (an SEO) and Rebekah (a content and UX strategist) found smarter ways to integrate their work and create helpful, relevant web experiences that are search-engine friendly, too.

In this workshop, they’ll explore how you can integrate user-centered search principles into the real-world user research and content design work you already do. You’ll walk away knowing:

  • Key principles of human-centered SEO
  • How, when, and where SEO elements play into the web design process
  • Techniques and tools you can use to add a search-strategy lens to the user research and web content work you already do (without compromising user experience)

Who should attend: This session will be a good fit for designers, strategists, web writers, and anyone else who wants to expand on their basic knowledge of modern search strategy and understand how to account for SEO without compromising user experience.

User-centered SEO: Designing findable contentChris Corak

Partner + SEO Lead, ONWARD

User-centered SEO: Designing findable contentRebekah Baggs

Partner, Content Strategy, ONWARD

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