Developing stakeholder engagement superpowers

Intensive workshop
Monday, May 18, 2020
9 a.m–noon
Greenway A

Without effective stakeholder buy-in and involvement, your content strategy is in danger of being doomed—and you’ll be left in the depths of despair. But despair not! With a strengthened set of stakeholder engagement superpowers, you’ll be the superhero that your content strategy needs.

In this workshop, we’ll focus on  the people skills  it takes to really power an effective whole-organization approach to designing and embedding your content strategy. We’ll look at skills in active listening, persuasion, influence, problem-solving, role definition, and designing effective content operations.

Using a coaching-style approach, we’ll help you to realize your own unique set of superpowers of stakeholder engagement, and how to flex new muscles in this realm too.You will learn:

  • How to coach others through the complexity of designing content operations
  • Listening, influence and persuasion skills and tricks
  • Creative approaches to problem solving and uniting teams around new ideas.

Who should attend: This workshop is ideal for those who are looking to strengthen their people skills, to achieve greater buy-in for their projects, or to improve communication within a team.

Developing stakeholder engagement superpowersTracy Playle

Chief Content Strategist, Pickle Jar Communications

Developing stakeholder engagement superpowers

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