Delight is dead—be boring instead

Main-stage talk

If he could go back in time, Ryan would tell his younger self to embrace the boring aspects of content strategy. Since he can’t do that, he’ll do the next best thing: share lessons from the ongoing battle against clever UX writing and content that lacks strategy.

Learn how content hierarchy, error message hygiene, and checklists (checklists???) can triumph over bright shiny delight.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Some helpfully boring tools, templates, and tricks
  • How to get stakeholders excited about boring
  • How to integrate accessibility into your boring repertoire

Who should attend: This session is for anyone who knows their content work forms the backbone of digital strategy and user experience but can’t get recognition for their efforts, or who wants to learn the tools and language necessary to successfully argue for boring content strategy.

Delight is dead—be boring insteadRyan Bigge

Senior Content Strategist, Shopify

Delight is dead—be boring instead

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