Content strategy for humanitarian immigration services

Breakout session
Tuesday, May 19, 2020
4:00-4:50 p.m.
Room D

In a place far from home, how do asylum seekers find information about and understand how to navigate a complex government process of applying for asylum?

In this presentation, you’ll learn how one team conducted human-centered design research at asylum offices, how those insights illuminated areas of improvement for content strategy and service design, and how they redesigned content and services while balancing needs for ease of use and data security. Finally, you’ll see how content strategy work illuminated the need for overhauling the organization’s overall strategy.

This session will offer:

  • Insight into the opportunity and impact of thoughtful content strategy in government
  • Examples from a specific case study of the work of the US Digital Service in designing content for asylum seekers
  • Recommendations on how to apply these lessons to your own content strategy work

Who should attend: This session is for people who want to hear specific examples of design ethics in practice, and how thoughtful, intentional content strategy decisions make public services more accessible and inclusive to vulnerable communities.

Content strategy for humanitarian immigration servicesCrystal Yan

Product Lead, Remitly

Content strategy for humanitarian immigration services

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