You have questions, and we have answers! Here they are. 

How do I get into the Confab 2020 Slack workspace?
Contact us
for help.

I want to share my Confab 2020 login content with other people. Is that okay?
The Confab ticket price includes one login per attendee only. Ticket prices are calculated based on our vendor, speaker, production, and support expenses. Also, our IP agreements with speakers indicate that content is only available to paid attendees. For these reasons, we ask that attendees maintain sole ownership of their login information.

How long will I have access to the library of on-demand talks?
You will be able to log in to the main event site to watch talks, broadcast recordings, and download slides until May 20, 2021.

Will I be able to watch full recordings of the conference live broadcast?
Yes. We’ll have those recordings up in the on-demand library by May 29 after the conference.

What happens to Confab 2020 Slack after the conference?
We’ll keep Confab 2020 Slack open for a few months.

Will I get the slide decks?
Yes, the slides will be available for download within the on-demand video library soon.

Hey, I never got my free Confab socks!
If you already ordered your Confab socks, they are scheduled to ship on May 18th. We’ll keep you posted via email with more tracking information. 

Is it too late for me to order swag?
Unfortunately, due to production issues with our vendor because of  COVID-19, we’ve had to close the shop. But as soon as things are back up and running, we’ll open it up again.

Where do I find the Confab playlist?
You mean playlists! Listen on Spotify:

Confab 2020 playlist

Bonus: Ten Years of Confab playlist

Happy listening!