What’s the “Scoop”? Building an editorial analytics dashboard with purpose


Content must be measured. But in many cases, what and how you want to measure are not part of a turnkey solution. “Scoop” is a dynamic editorial analytics dashboard and data warehouse built by a team at Harvard to bring website, email newsletter, and social media metrics together to help them better understand content reach and engagement. More specifically, it helps their content creators answer the question, “How did it do?”. They no longer have to rely solely on Google Analytics to define which metrics are important to their bottom line.

In this talk, you’ll learn about this strategic approach to analytics measurement, how they built Scoop, and use cases for teams that want to measure content performance against business goals.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to select better content performance metrics that align with business goals
  • A technical walk-through of using open APIs to pull, store, benchmark, and calculate content metrics for websites, email newsletters, and social media
  • Approaches to content analytics reporting at scale

Who should attend: This session is ideal for content strategists who want to improve their analytics measurement and reporting capabilities, content creators comfortable using Google Analytics but worried that they’re not measuring the right things, and managers tasked with aligning content performance with business goals.

Mike PetroffMike Petroff

Senior Product Manager, Harvard Business Publishing

Aaron Baker

Associate Director of Content Strategy, Harvard University

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