Think like a strategist: How systems thinking helps conquer messy content problems


Tips, tools, and frameworks—you read about them, download them, and lovingly apply them to your work. But what do you do when you encounter a problem there’s no framework or tool to solve?

Systems thinking offers methods for breaking down any problem into its component parts so that you can truly understand its causes and start to formulate solutions. Learn how four concepts—Distinctions, Systems, Relationships, and Perspectives—can help you tackle any professional challenge.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn to think like a strategist by understanding how systems thinking underpins strategic work.
  • Overcome that overwhelmed feeling that wicked problems engender.
  • Learn how to deepen your understanding of complex problems.
  • Gain insights to help you generate solutions that work.

Who should attend: This session will be helpful for mid-level or senior content strategists who’ve hit a plateau in their work and are having trouble finding resources to solve the more complex problems they’re now faced with.

Melanie SeibertMelanie Seibert

Senior Content Strategist, WillowTree

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