Thursday, April 25, 2019
1:40–2:30 p.m.
Breakout session
Margot Bloomstein

Rebuilding trust: Validate users by starting where they are


Before we engage users with products, interfaces, and content, we need their trust. Trust is waning today; users disregard traditional sources of expertise and bring skepticism to even innocuous interface copy. Can you blame them? Popular media, politicians, and big-name brands are gaslighting, talking down, and talking too much about themselves.

Let’s do better: exploring examples from insurance, consumer goods, and online education, you’ll see how the right content validates audience beliefs and life experience to move them forward. We’ll unpack tactics of style and tone that use vulnerability to foster trust, educate audiences—and ultimately reinvigorate brands.

  • Discover the key changes in diction (beyond just mirroring your audience’s vocabulary) you can make to invite users in to your brand, as champions rather than consumers.
  • Learn how content that asks questions, exposes process, and loses the polish can build goodwill and engender greater faith from your audience.
  • Gain practical examples of how—and why—to talk about mistakes, challenges, and screwups with your audience while ensuring Legal remains your biggest fan.

Who should attend: Content managers, content creators, and web managers will gain ideas for tweaking low-level calls to action, anecdotes, taglines, and everything in between. They’ll find practical guidance to build trust into bots, testimonials, and blog posts. They’ll also hear relevant and accessible examples to inspire different content types and storytelling angles, along with the inspiration and ammo to bring those ideas into conversations with the CMO and fellow content contributors.

Margot BloomsteinMargot Bloomstein

Brand and content strategist, Appropriate, Inc.

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