Building a data-driven content strategy: Connecting content audits and user research


Conduct a content audit to understand what content we have and what state it’s in? Of course. Conduct user research to understand the goals, pain points, and context of our audience, and how well the current state is working for them? Of course. Both activities generate valuable observations and insights—but it’s just, well, a lot. It can be hard to synthesize from either activity, much less bridge the two. Plus, many findings are qualitative, which have value, but are stronger when supported by quantitative findings.

This session will share methods and tools for building a user-centered, data-driven content strategy.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use both quantitative and qualitative data, drawn from user research and a content audit, to build a content strategy.
  • Figure out what kind of user research you need.
  • Use content audit checklists and tags to identify clear themes and stronger insights.
  • Consider different ways of synthesizing and applying findings.
  • Use templates for connecting your findings to content work beyond a single report.

Who should attend: This session will be a good fit for people of any experience level looking to: have an easier time moving from discovery to synthesis and design; build a content strategy and/or design that is informed by data; or cultivate allies in their organization who support user-centered design.

Holly MunsonHolly Munson

Content Strategist, Think Company

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