Process to the people: How content governance can power content teams


Content processes make sure that everyone involved with content, from stakeholders to subject matter experts to content creators, have a shared understanding of the work being done.

Blaine will share a suite of content process models for each phase of the content life cycle that can be used—immediately—by anyone, in any company, in any industry.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • How content processes can be created
  • Why content processes are useful
  • Specific content processes that have been developed for a variety of industry sectors
  • A common suite of content processes that can be used by any content team, in any organization, to streamline operations

Who should attend: People who are leading content teams will walk away from this talk knowing how content processes can help them manage stakeholder expectations and how to help content developers work more consistently and efficiently. They’ll also leave with a set of content processes that they can start using immediately.

Blaine KylloBlaine Kyllo

Senior Content Strategist, Content Strategy Inc

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