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Plain language and simple design: How civic designers are building a better digital government for the people

Though it may come as a surprise, there is a growing community in the federal government making more inclusive, accessible, and user-focused digital services for the public. While many in the industry opt for new and fancy design trends, when it comes to effective design, simple experiences and plain language consistently serve people better.

Aviva, a human-centered and visual designer at 18F, will dive into the world of civic tech inside the federal government, speak on the imperative working relationship between content and visual designers, and share lessons learned from breaking through bureaucracy to plant seeds of real change within the government.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Insights from successes in prioritizing users and inclusivity in an organization more widely known for frustrating, rather than positive, interactions
  • How to pair a design system with your editorial style for creating usable designs and content, with examples from the U.S. Web Design System
  • Lessons for close collaboration between content and visual design, from the perspective of a visual designer

Who should attend: This session will be a good fit for those interested in or currently working with civic tech, service design, design systems, or writers looking to collaborate often with other design disciplines.

Aviva OskowAviva Oskow

Innovation Specialist, Visual Designer, 18F

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