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Measure and test your way to better content

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How do you know if content strategy is paying off? How do you know if your content can be understood? Communicates the right message? Reaches your audience? Knowing the answers to these questions won’t just help you improve the quality of your site; it will help you justify your content strategy efforts to your boss and colleagues.

This workshop will look at ways to integrate analytics and other measurements into your content strategy practice. Topics include:

  • Measurement goals: Start from business goals to develop analytics goals so you know what to measure and why you’re measuring it.
  • Content metrics: Use classic readability and comprehension measures, including cloze tests and readability scores, to assess your writing.
  • Web analytics: Find out which analytics measures are most useful for content strategists, how to understand them, and how to act on them.
  • Social media metrics: Learn how to measure engagement and show how social media contributes to the bottom line.
  • Content testing: Discover in-person and online techniques for making sure your content does what you want it to do.
  • Presenting analytics effectively: Present your analytics insights and encourage your team (and your boss) to take action.

Who should attend: This workshop will be ideal for folks who are struggling to measure whether their content is effective, or who are trying to communicate content improvements to others.

Prerequisites: Participants will need to bring a laptop and have access to a Google Analytics account to participate in all the exercises. If you don’t have access to your organization’s analytics, you can use Google’s analytics demo account.

Mike PowersMike Powers

Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

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