IA lenses: Helpful perspectives for content strategists


Information architecture is the underlying structure of a digital product, but as Dan Brown reminds us, it can also refer to the practice of designing those structures. In this talk, Dan introduces a tool he created to help UX professionals get to the heart of the challenges they face organizing and designing structures. IA lenses provide insights and prompts to help architects examine problems from different perspectives to find the right solutions.

Bad IA choices have a ripple effect that touches every aspect of a website and user experience. With IA lenses, Dan introduces a set of categories and questions through which to view tough information challenges, get to the root of a problem, and find practical solutions.

In this session, you will learn to:

  • Analyze challenges in organization and labeling with IA lenses.
  • Ask the right questions to dig beneath the surface of a problem.
  • Understand how the categories you choose convey a narrative for what a business does.

Who should attend: This session will be helpful for content strategists who do information architecture. They will find the lenses helpful for examining the content structures they design.

Dan BrownDan Brown

Principal, EightShapes, LLC

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