Fresh takes: Embracing new storytelling models to engage your audience


How can you reinvigorate a content update beyond “plugging in” the latest figures or inserting new person-of-interest talking points? What’s the best option for using rich media forms that align with your strategic messaging?

Multimedia veteran Ravi Jain invites all around the proverbial campfire to unpack the primordial hooks and motivations within effective storytelling. Collectively, we will examine how new technologies can be married to those elemental story models to engage both new and old audiences.

In this session, we will:

  • Learn how to identify core story forms within their brand and institutional messaging.
  • Consider the many ways to tell the same story, in order to determine which story form is the right one at the right time.
  • Get inspired by how new media formats can be integrated to support and extend an established content strategy.

Who should attend: This session will be a good fit for anyone who has a stake in developing and/or delivering content, preferably with the option of employing rich media in addition to words and images. Attendees will learn that having to tell the same story again is an opportunity to be embraced, not a headache to endure.

Ravi JainRavi Jain

Senior Associate Director, Digital Media & Web Development, Boston College

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