Fight bias with content strategy


Users’ minds take shortcuts to get through the day. We call these cognitive biases. Usually they’re harmless. Even helpful. But what happens when they’re not?

This talk will use real-world examples to identify some particularly nasty biases and ways to combat them. You’ll leave this session with a better understanding of:

  • Common cognitive biases that influence users’ decision-making in ways that can harm them
  • Content strategy tips and tricks to help users avoid bad decisions based on those biases
  • Ways to avoid having our own biases result in negative outcomes for users

Who should attend: This session is for people who are concerned about the ethical choices that go into creating and executing their content strategies, and for people who want to understand—at a psychological level—what biases their audiences might be bringing to the content we’re structuring.

It’s also for people who want to know what biases they as content strategists might unknowingly be bringing to their own work.

David Dylan ThomasDavid Dylan Thomas

Principal, Content Strategy, Think Company

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