Content ROI: Defining and measuring success

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How do you put a value on content? How can you decide what is important to your organization and in what terms? Is it money, brand awareness, or the amount of cake consumed in the office by frustrated content people?

Sarah will introduce you to a couple of techniques to show your colleagues and managers just how much you are worth and why it’s best to stop publishing Every. Little. Thing.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define success and value: they can be two different things—measuring each can help you build successful content.
  • Measure what your current content production flow is costing your organization—in time, money, morale, and what you are missing out on.
  • Demonstrate improvement over time.
  • Use this kind of data to get buy-in from your organization.

Who should attend: This session will be ideal for people who are trying to set clear content priorities or attempting to demonstrate the value of content production costs to the people making decisions.

Prerequisites: You’ll need a working knowledge of content production and a willingness to think about different ways of getting it done.

Sarah RichardsSarah Richards

Founder, Content Design Centre

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