Compelling UX: How and why to write onboarding content


You have the first 15 seconds to convince a new user to stay in your product or experience. What do you say? Usually, we tend to say nothing ... or say way too much, and they leave. Compelling, inclusive user-onboarding content is a way to keep them around. This session will explain 4 steps to crafting compelling, inclusive onboarding content, with good and bad examples from real projects and products.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify key actions related to user retention.
  • Compile onboarding elements for a compelling flow.
  • Build a relationship with new users and demonstrate real value right out of the gate.
  • Say only as much as necessary.
  • Understand potential pitfalls and lessons learned from user-onboarding UX projects.

Who should attend: Folks who write UX content for products will learn the 4 steps crucial to crafting compelling onboarding content. Folks who write marketing content will understand how to connect what’s going on outside the product with what’s happening inside. Folks who like unicorns will get a bunch of magical images and metaphors sprinkled throughout.

Sarah SmartSarah Smart

Senior UX Content Strategist, Adobe

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