Centering the margins in digital spaces


What does it even mean to create “safer spaces” in digital? In 2019, is it even possible?

Spoiler alert—it is possible if you make intentional decisions about centering marginalized people in your work. During this main-stage talk, learn how to move your company or organization from symbolic commitments to diversity toward action-oriented plans for equitable content creation. You’ll learn four ways to center marginalized people in your digital spaces and why this commitment is essential for your brand to be truly socially responsible.

After this session you will:

  • Know how to talk to stakeholders about why equity matters in your digital environments.
  • Be able to identify concrete ways to center marginalized communities in your work.
  • Have a better understanding about how bias informs content creation.

Who should attend: This session is helpful for anyone attempting to overcome bias to create more inclusive content.

Marchaé GrairMarchaé Grair

Director of Public Relations and Outreach, Unitarian Universalist Association

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