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Better workflows, stronger governance

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We know, we know. Governance is the hardest tactic to sell, build, and implement in the world of content. But, if you want to be a rockstar content strategist, you need to master the fundamentals of governance and workflow. Learn why they are linked together, how you can formulate iterative plans for both, and how to sell your organization on the consistency and coherency they will bring to your content.

In this fun, interactive workshop, we will learn how to:

  • Assess your current workflow and governance standards.
  • Decide which tools are right for your organization’s content maturity.
  • Build tools that work for different channels to encompass all the different types of content you produce.
  • Sell the importance of guidelines and standards to your colleagues and executives.
  • Think in steps to build a program that best suits your needs.

Who should attend: This workshop is ideal for people who are struggling with approvals and decision-making, or with setting up and maintaining effective workflows that result in high-quality content.

Prerequisites: Ideally you’ll have a basic grounding in content strategy before attending this workshop.

Ahava LeibtagAhava Leibtag

President, Aha Media Group

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