AI for content: What’s your product saying behind your back?


To provide exceptional user experiences, it’s important to define and deeply understand your UX copy — but maintaining and amplifying a consistent in-product voice is no small feat. Leading the pack in product content strategy means finding new ways to use AI and efficiently managing dozens of screens of user-facing content, across all of your web, iOS, and Android apps and platforms that could each target a different persona.

In this session, we’ll discuss redefining how we govern, evaluate, and enhance product content. You will:

  • Learn how AI is being used to measure and improve the voice, tone, and impact of copy.
  • Explore tools and processes for managing and scaling product content strategy.
  • Think about what’s coming next in AI/NLP/NLG for content strategists & writers.

Who should attend: This session will be a good fit for people who are curious about the present and future of AI in language, and who are looking to create better product content processes to keep up with the pace of work.

Sam HavensSam Havens

Director of Data Science, Qordoba

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