Activities and exercises for workshops that work


Workshops are a content strategy staple. They help us explore chaos and make sense of it. They help us uncover the unknown, and test assumptions about what we think we know. They help us develop creative ideas, and stress test whether they’ll actually work. They help us win stakeholders over and turn critics into supporters. But how can we ensure that our workshops will actually work?

In this session, we’ll explore activities, frameworks, exercises, approaches, tips, and tricks tried and tested by a community of content strategists to uncover what really works to get the most out of a workshop.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • A whole bundle of exercises, activities, tools, and approaches that you can take away and immediately start using in your workshops
  • Processes for planning workshops, defining your objectives for them, and designing activities to help you get what you need
  • Smart and sneaky tricks and tips for using workshops to build on your stakeholder engagement activities and make them feel valued and great about their input, and confident in your next steps

Who should attend: This session will be helpful for anyone who uses workshops in their role, or is planning to use workshops any time soon. This will especially appeal to those stepping into a strategist role and looking to expand their toolkit of activities to help them develop their approach.

Tracy PlayleTracy Playle

Chief Content Strategist, Pickle Jar Communications

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