Breakout session

Compelling content for conversational interfaces

We exchange content every day with people all around us. It’s part of being human. As our technological systems behave more like us, we often want that same content exchange from them, and in ever-more-natural ways. No matter how robotic the interface, our content strategy needs to be human. 

Conversational flow—verbal and otherwise—is a highly dynamic dance of conveying content in context. When we strip away visual containers and controls, what is it that communicates content, and how do we accomplish that? 

In this presentation, you'll learn that verbal modes have their own sets of expectations and rules about content that are ingrained, subtle, and challenging. Join this session to better understand:

  • Considerations for delivering conversational content for AI and other interfaces
  • Different types of conversation, and how to adapt them for various contexts
  • Why it matters that we like it when so many words begin with the same letter
Phillip Hunter

VP of Product, Pulse Labs

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