Breakout session

Solo content strategy: Lessons for lone rangers and tiny teams

While content is far from a one person job, are you the “lone (content) ranger” at your company or institution? Some of us wear many hats—writer, editor, strategist, project manager, designer and web publisher—often creating and implementing content strategy simultaneously.

Even if you’re working alone much of the time, it’s still valuable to create a content production process for yourself or your small team. You can take steps to reduce content chaos and confusion, get the right tools in place, and deliver great content.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Basics about a content process and how it can be used to turn your content vision into reality
  • How to use this model to map out your content workflow and production guidelines
  • Ways to get all your stakeholders to adhere the process

Who should attend: Anybody who is “going it alone,” or working with a very small team of people.

Malaika Carpenter

Founder and Principal Consultant, SayCred Media Group, LLC

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