Breakout session

Short and sweet: How and why to simplify your writing

In an ideal world, users would read everything you write, and they would take the time to understand it. In the real world, you need to make your digital writing easy for people to read and understand. Learn how to lower reading level and increase readability, and see what’s at stake if you don’t.

This session will be relevant for anyone who creates or influences digital copy—regardless of industry and audience. As a bonus, you’ll learn how to respond when your partners or clients challenge the need for a lower reading level.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Why a low reading level is crucial for all writing
  • How to meet accessibility guidelines for copy
  • Various ways to calculate reading level, and the pros and cons of reading level formulas
  • Benefits of plain language for low- and high-literacy users
  • How reading level affects comprehension, and how much (or little!) your readers comprehend right now

Who should attend: People who write copy will benefit from learning 19 ways to simplify copy. People who present copy to stakeholders will leave with 6 metrics about why plain language is important and how it affects reading time and comprehension.

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