Breakout session

How to eat an elephant: Tackling your content giants

Tackling a massive content project can be so overwhelming you don’t even know where to start. But you just do—one paragraph, stakeholder, task and “delete” button at a time. Vanessa Roman will share her experiences leading the content portion of a comprehensive website redesign (more than 5,000 pages of content to wrangle) at Rutgers University, and tactics that have helped their team eat and manage this ever-growing content elephant.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • Practical tactics to help you size up and strategize for your large content projects
  • Tips and strategies for project planning and scheduling for large and long-term project tasks
  • Why it’s important to inject delight into the content-creation experience
  • How to successfully work with stakeholders and co-content creators

Who should attend: Content creators who are part of large or small teams, or solo-teams, will benefit from this session, as well as folks who are responsible for content creation, management and scheduling, or comprehensive content projects like website redesigns (specifically), or publications.

Vanessa Roman

Director of Communicaitons, Marketing, and Public Relations, Rutgers School of Nursing

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