Breakout session

Fostering cross-team collaboration: How to build your content engine

Nature may abhor a vacuum—but it sure likes a silo. And why not? Silos form relatively easily: You share daily work with colleagues in a familiar environment, reinforced by trust and shared subject matter expertise. But we must adjust to digital as the new horizontal—a collective responsibility shared across departmental silos.

This session will focus on ways organizations can shift both mindset and workflow to adapt to the demands of distributed digital capability, and enable excellence in digital content creation.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Engage multiple silos in digital content creation.
  • Build a culture of collaboration.
  • Bridge the governance/reality gap.

Who should attend: Folks who oversee or collaborate with multiple departments, or people working within a department who would like to strengthen collaboration outside of their own silo.

Perry Hewitt

Senior Advisor, Engagement Strategy, Lincoln Center

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