Breakout session

Crafting conversations: Personality and voice for bots and AI

Conversational bots and interfaces don’t automagically learn how to talk and behave. Humans need to teach them. When designing any natural language interaction, machine learning alone will give you exactly what you’d expect: robo-talk. But that’s not what people need in these experiences quickly emerging across devices, services, and social environments.

Conversational UI is a reality and requires not only innovative engineering, but human-focused expertise in design and creative writing to achieve the nuances of effective, thoughtful, and personal conversations.

Join this session to learn how to:

  • Understand the tradeoffs between a rich personality and an experience based on voice principles, and determine what your product—and your customer—might need.
  • Develop personality or voice for a bot through principles for speech and behavior, and consider the tensions and ethics in human-to-bot interactions.
  • Hire and train for the type of talent you need to craft conversation flows, ensure meaning, define parameters, and add humor.

Who should attend: This session will benefit attendees developing business or product strategies that include scenarios with bots, conversational UI, or for those who want to think broadly about new kinds of content.

Jonathan Foster

Manager, Content Intelligent team ,Microsoft

Karen Kesler

Director of Content Experiences, Windows Devices Group, Microsoft

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