Breakout session

Content isn’t hard. Change is.

Most clients come to designers with an ask, a question: How can we better tell our story? How can we create a strategy that resonates with our audience? They want a new narrative; they want to change their current website. They want a sleeker campaign; they want to tell a different story. But when we give clients what they said they want, the change they asked for; we get pushback and resistance, maybe even some hostility.

Why? Because change is hard. So how do we as content strategists and story advocates help our clients overcome their fears so we can help them reach their goals? And how can we use examples from the creative process to help nurture deeper, more trusting relationships with our clients?

In this talk, VML’s own Leah Sand explores the psychology behind the challenges we face working with clients and she explores tools to help coach clients to move through those challenges with empathy and inclusiveness.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify emotional or psychological “blockers.”
  • Work with clients to get them more involved in the content process, using empathy, understanding, and tools from positive psychology.
  • Use these tools to help break down silos within large organizations to align on content goals.
  • Teach empathy to others to facilitate better content ideation.

Who should attend: Content strategists, content designers, and writers will benefit the most from this session. This session will give the audience the tools they need to help coach their own clients through change—the change that’s necessary to do good work and create great content.

Leah Sand

Director, Content Systems, VML

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