Main-stage talk

Combining expertise to rebuild customer trust

There has been a collapse in trust in experts and in the “System” in general. People now see much content and communication as fake news or hot air. So how do we prove the worth of what we do? We need clear evidence of how our content has helped its target audience, and how it supports the overall customer experience. We must consistently prove our content’s usefulness to the customer.

Collaboration is the key to success here. Content professionals and customer experience professionals are natural collaborators, because content is the lifeblood of the digital customer experience. Without great content, the digital customer experience doesn’t amount to very much. But without learning how customers think and what they need, it is almost impossible to create high-quality content.

Join Gerry McGovern to learn how we can combine different areas of expertise to measure and optimize content and deliver a great customer experience.

Gerry McGovern

Founder and CEO, Customer Carewords

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