Coaching content strategy: How to turn any colleague into a content ally

You’re a champ at voice and tone, your interface copy is human and helpful, and you know chunks beat blobs in responsive design. Maybe you’ve even made style guides, templates, or other tools for your team to use during a big content project. But there’s one of you, and a million pieces of content to wrangle, write, manage, and maintain. You need help.

What if you spent less of your time trying to fill gaps and solve problems on your own, and more time bringing your skill set to people from other teams? What if you could stop owning the content strategy, and start guiding it instead?

In this workshop, you’ll learn and practice techniques that will take you from doing content strategy to facilitating it amongst diverse groups of people—like marketing specialists, product and project managers, designers, developers, and even executives. Together, we’ll:

  • ‍Learn techniques for bringing non-specialists into the content strategy process.
  • ‍Practice facilitating working sessions that solve realistic content problems.
  • ‍Design activities and approaches specific to your organization’s content challenges.

Who should attend: People looking to distribute content strategy efforts more widely or more effectively within an organization.

Sara Wachter-Boettcher

Author of Technically Wrong

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