Breakout session

Building and supporting your content strategy team

What makes a content strategy practice successful—not just at the individual level, but at the team level? If you are working as a manager or a project lead, how can you empower content strategists to do their best work?

Come and learn how to advocate for a thorough, quality-minded approach to your team's work. See how to help your team feel confident and supported, so they can share their expertise and extend their influence throughout an organization.

In this session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Articulate a clear vision with a shared approach, set of values, and definition of quality.
  • Support your content strategists and cultivate a sense of pride and ownership.
  • Create a consistent narrative for communicating the value of the practice and keeping it top of mind for stakeholders.
  • Apply learnings from Airbnb’s larger team to your own content strategy practice.

Who should attend: Managers who are growing teams, practicing content strategists, and anyone interested in evangelizing the practice at their organization.

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